Adriatic Capital Partners

Adriatic Capital Partners, LLC is a New York, NY and Zagreb, Croatia based investment group.

About Us

The focus of our business

  • Identify attractive investment opportunities in the Adriatic region of south central Europe
  • Structure suitable investment formats for such investment opportunities 
  • Execute the investments or acquire the assets
  • Manage the investments, including providing strategic and financial guidance

To these ends we invite you to review our work – its focus, difference and people - as noted in this website. 

Our Difference


Since 1994 in the United States and 2000 in Croatia and other parts of the Adriatic region our team of seasoned professionals has structured and invested over US$3.6 billion. 

Among our leaders based in New York City and Zagreb are private equity, investment banking, and institutional asset management professionals with over 110 years of combined industry experience.

Our leaders are among board members of dozens of companies, often serving as strategic connectors of opportunities benefiting the people we work with as they own and oversee over US$6.5 billion of combined business, property, and financial enterprises on two continents.

Our Focus


Our focus is to provide capital and strategic guidance to companies, entrepreneurs, and other entities, helping them address threats and seize opportunities.

Out team of seasoned investors and dealmakers has structured and invested over US$3.6 billion since 1994 on both sides of Atlantic Ocean.

We offer private equity capital

Our private equity may strengthen a company's financials, helping it reduce bank debt, increase working capital, fund acquisitions, execute restructuring or shareholder recomposition. As an investor we maintain a low profile combined with constant dialogue with shareholders and management fully respecting their ownership objectives and operating autonomy. ​​​​

We invest in sale-leaseback transactions, as well. 

We Purchase Special Assets

A sale of special assets, such as distress loans, equity blocks, troubled private equity investments, or failed businesses, may release capital to get back to "business as usual" or unwind investment pools/partnerships. We work with holders of troubled assets, structuring tailor-made transactions, and acquiring assets. While the bulk of special asset purchasers are opportunity operators, surfacing only at the times of mass-distress, we are a long-term and ever-present investor in troubled assets, on two continents. ​​

In business, threats and problems can be harvested to serve as opportunities. Can you access the required capital? We Are Uniquely Able to Help.

Our Team: Partners Council

Milan Miletic


Private equity and PIPE investor with extensive experience in board oversight, corporate governance, strategic change, special situations, etc. Acquired 17 to 60% equity stakes in publicly listed companies in Southern Central Europe. The relationship with other Adriatic key team members extends back to 1987. Based in New York City and Zagreb, Croatia.

Vincent Catalano, CFA


Managing Member of Adriatic Capital Partners and author of "Sectors and Styles" (Wiley 2006). A leading investment strategist and asset manager, Mr. Catalano appears regularly in the media (Bloomberg TV & Radio, CNBC, among many others), is frequently quoted in various professional publications (Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Reuters, New York Times), and is a guest speaker at various major forums. In 2001, Mr. Catalano formed Blue Marble Research, an investment research and advisory firm. Prior to that, Vincent was a Senior Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch providing investment advice and counseling to high net worth individuals and corporations. During this time, he also provided educational and informational instruction to senior and mid level corporate executives of publicly-traded and privately held companies. Vincent is a past president of the New York Society of Security Analysts, a Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder, and a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. The relationship with other Adriatic key team members extends back to 1987. Based in New York City.

Denis Furduric

Founder of InterFinance, InterConsult, InterHolding and InterInvest., a group of companies which has established itself as one of the most influential financial advisors in Croatia, with solid M&A and portfolio management track record. Served on multiple corporate and investment fund boards. Highly regarded and well recognized advisor to Croatian corporate boards, leading investors, and financial entrepreneurs. The relationship with other Adriatic team members extends back to 2000. Based in Zagreb, Croatia.


Armen Grigorian

Over twenty years of experience of making private equity investments, facilitating strategic events, and serving as a private banker for limited number of key clients. Served on the boards of seventeen closely-held companies. Collaborated, advised or seized numerous key strategic and capital formation events, including M&A, rollups, distress/DIP, etc. Since 1993 founded three companies in financial services industry, building them into niche sector-leading groups and later successfully merging them into Fortune 500 companies. As a result Grigorian led highly specialized business units at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management (2011 – 2013) and Lehman Brothers Business Capital (1999 – 2002). Currently he is the senior partner of Defoe Redmount, private equity investment, banking, financial advisory, wealth & risk management firm with offices in Newport Beach CA and New York City. The relationship with other Adriatic key team members extends back to 2006. Based in Newport Beach, CA and New York City.


Associates and Analysts


Paul Valencia, Senior Associate. Seasoned distressed investment and restructuring professional with over 30 years of experience. Led turnarounds of dozens of companies in various industries and sectors, while raising capital for special strategic situations, including acquisitions and debt reorganizations. In 2016 joined Defoe Redmount, a private equity and merchant banking firm based in Newport Beach, CA. The relationship with other Adriatic key team members extends back to 2012. Based in Newport Beach, CA.

Eric Farber, Associate: Institutional fund and alternative investment management professional with over fifteen years of experience. After graduating in 1998 from Baruch College in New York City started his career by joining Schroder Capital Management as Portfolio Administrative Assistant. Later joined Warburg Pincus as Portfolio Administrator, and in 2001 Credit Suisse as Portfolio Administrator. In march 2005 joined private equity and merchant banking team of Defoe Redmount, reporting to Armen Grigorian and contributing greatly to the groups success. The relationship with other Adriatic key team members extends back to 2005. Based in New York City.

Derek Chekijian, Lead Analyst: Investment analysis professional since 2006, heading Defoe Redmount’s private equity investments analysis and research desk. Led a team of five analysis professionals on two continents, providing analysis and underwriting support to over 150 private equity transactions and two micro-cap and small cap equities investment strategies, reporting to Armen Grigorian. Graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University. The relationship with other Adriatic key team members extends back to 2006. Based in New York City.

Matija Mikac, Analyst: Investment analysis professional with industry experience accumulated while employed at Interfinance since 2006. The relationship with other Adriatic key team members extends back to 2006. Based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Ruben Osipyan, Analyst. Investment analysis professional with industry experience accumulated while employed at Defoe Redmount since 2015. The relationship with other Adriatic key team members extends back to 2006. Based in Newport Beach, CA

ACP In the media

Financial Times interview: How to spot a bubble

Financial Times interview: American bulls in charge

Bloomberg radio

General Michael Hayden and ACP's Vincent Catalano discuss Russian cyber attacks on the US. 

Bloomberg radio

ACP's Vincent Catalano and iCapital Network's Lawrence Calcano discuss private equity and frontier markets

Wall Street Journal

“Anytime you deviate from a diversified portfolio, or you deviate from holding investments in the 11 economic sectors, then you will have a concentrated portfolio,” says Vinny Catalano, global investment strategist at Blue Marble Research. “This is closer to what investors like Warren Buffett do. He doesn’t have a diversified portfolio and is making big sector bets.”

“Even if you have something that works, it won’t work all the time,” says Mr. Catalano. “If it works 70% of the time,” he says, “then you are doing great.”

CNN Money

Vincent Catalano, global investment strategist with Blue Marble Research, said that he's getting more calls from people looking to get rich quick on really risky stocks like cryptocurrency companies tied to bitcoin as well as cobalt miners in Alaska and China.

"There's increased interest in pump-and-dump-type stocks," Catalano said. "Sentiment is quite ebullient."

In a tweet last week, Catalano noted some research from the well-regarded investment firm The Leuthold Group that shows that the broader market tends to pull back a bit following periods of extreme investor optimism.

US News & World Report

"P/Es are very high. With that there is a very good reason to cut back on stocks," says Vincent Catalano, global macro strategist at Blue Marble Research in New York. But that doesn't mean dumping all your stock holdings.

"Be prudent and reduce to a degree and looking to rebalance portfolio going forward," he says.



MINDING MOMENTUM: Vincent Catalano, global macro strategist at Blue Marble Research in New York, is watching a key indicator of market momentum known as the moving average convergence divergence line, or MACD. "When the line starts to flatten out, that's an indication that the pressure is ending, that we've reached the short-term bottom," Catalano said. MACD is a momentum oscillator widely followed by chartists that is based on the relationship between moving averages.

Financial Times

Even if stocks on a fundamental basis look expensive, Vinny Catalano, president of Blue Marble Research, warned that money managers would feel obliged to keep buying. “On a technical basis, the music is playing, there are no negative signals and people are dancing,” he said. “It’s career suicide if you’re not in the market.”

Wall Street Journal

The multiple for the S&P is well above its long-term average, says Vinny Catalano, global investment strategist at Blue Marble Research. “The justification for a premium P/E ratio is unwarranted,” he says, because of problems with the global economy and the increased risks of deflation.

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